Whether it’s doing flex time, full time, homeschooling kids or an uptick in zoom calls the home office is now the hub of daily life for most. Productivity is vital, but does your hardware and infrastructure measure up? Check out these solutions from Vintage Electric to boost speed, protection, and productivity.


Extension cords are a sign that a wiring upgrade to add additional outlets is in order. Aside from safety issues, they are unsightly and will be unnecessary as you invest in infrastructure going forward. Increase the number of outlets, and at the same time add some USB designated outlets. In many situations changing out old AC outlets with USB, outlets will actually double the number of usable outlets. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You can tackle a shortage of outlets by calling an electrician at Vintage Electric.

Dedicated Circuit

Computers use sophisticated components and are sensitive to minute changes in electrical frequency, so as a safety feature a dedicated circuit should be installed. This circuit isolates your computer equipment from other plugged-in devices like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and office equipment that intermittently draw more power thus circumventing havoc on the electrical sine wave. Whatever happens elsewhere in the home’s electrical system becomes separate from your computer. A surge suppressor is vital, and most are familiar with the version that plugs into your wall outlet. A far better choice is a whole-house surge suppressor installed near the electrical panel that protects the entire home from damaging electrical surges. A small price to pay in lieu of a fried computer and data loss.

Power Conditioner or UPS for Reduced Line Noise

A power conditioner or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) helps ensure a stable and reliable current to all your devices. As technology advances, electronic devices follow suit and continue to be more refined and sophisticated. A power conditioner will provide hardware with better fuel. Electricity is complex, and a power conditioner helps to protect your most sensitive equipment.

Hard-Wired Speedy Internet Connection

Lastly, replacing Wi-Fi with a hard-wired internet connection provides a more stable connection that’s better for high-bandwidth tasks like videoconferencing. If you ever find that your Wi-Fi is a bit sketchy or unreliable, a hard-wired connection will solve that problem. It’s also a benefit when you have multiple users competing for bandwidth.

Bottom Line

Although you might start with just these few upgrades, you may find your home office could also benefit from better lighting, security cameras, and other electrical upgrades that all originate with better power options. Contact the experts at Vintage Electric to learn more about these and other improvements to boost productivity and enhance home office security.