Experts agree that California is due for a major earthquake that could cause considerable devastation and destruction to areas hit. The Coachella Valley is smack dab, sitting above the largest fault line in the state, the San Andreas fault. No matter how prepared you think you are, there are many scenarios that could keep you and loved ones from emergency services and even simple services like water, power and basic provisions. By now, most have included emergency food supplies of several weeks and water. But you may also want to consider installing an emergency backup generator in the event the grid becomes incapable of delivering electricity to your home.

A generator, permanently installed outside your home, powered by natural gas runs on local utility lines. In an electrical blackout, a generator switches on within seconds of the power going out. This seamless power transfer keeps your home’s circuits and appliances up and running like normal. Depending on what size of generator you install, you can choose to power just the essentials or every electrical system in your home.

Any time the power goes out – whether from a storm, an error at a power plant, an earthquake or any other reason – generators keep the power on.

Only you can decide if a generator is right for you, Vintage Electric will assess the logistics of installing a generator on your property, ensuring all building codes and HOA requirements are met as well connecting and wiring the generator to the subpanel so you have safe, dependable backup power when an emergency causes a blackout. Trust our team to meet local codes and regulations for emergency power solutions you can count on when the power goes out.