Chances are you will be spending a lot more time indoors during the balmy days of summer, making this the perfect time to change up your view and modernize outlets and switches for aesthetics and functionality. You’ll be surprised at how much these simple upgrades can make your life more convenient and beautify your surroundings.

USB Outlets are a necessity for charging your phone, tablet and other electronic devices. Instead of relying on an adapter, that can easily be misplaced update your outlets to USB. You’ll be able to plug in your device while you’re in the kitchen, home office or bedroom with a USB upgrade.

Drawer and Cabinet Outlets added inside existing drawers and cabinets is a way to conveniently power blow dryers, electric razors and other styling tools. No more plugging and unplugging your device, just open a drawer or cabinet and all your tools are ready to use. Add a USB plug as well, and you’ll keep your phone charging while you get ready to take on the day. Keep unsightly wires out of the way by adding charging stations to the back of nightstands and desks, with a simple outlet.

Dimmer Switches set the mood in your home for the desired effect you want to create. It’s fairly simple to replace old-school switches with dimmer switches. Save energy and adjust the light to your liking with a sleek dimmer switch that will change any rooms ambiance.

For ideas and ways to use power in your home more effectively, energy friendly and eye-pleasing, contact the expert electricians at Vintage Electric.