Well-Lit Property

Thieves will stake out a property that is dimly lit or hidden in shadows rather than one that is well-lit. Options for creating a light space that completely surround a property, while still allowing for beautiful accents of outdoor decor and landscape design, are vast with an array of LED hues and brightness. Having a well-lit front porch means nothing if the back side of a property is dark, so consider a full audit by a qualified lighting specialist to determine the areas of your property that need more lighting. Adding light motion sensors that turn on after detecting movement are a security feature that deters a would-be robber, especially in areas around a home where less light is desired through the night.

Timing Devices for Lights

Smart home devices have made it fairly simple for homeowners to give the impression that the residence is occupied by apps that control when certain lights go on and off. While it may seem old school, timing devices are also a proven security method for deterring burglars. Timing devices are a great tool to use when you are away, switching on lighting or technology when you want the appearance of activity in the home. Setting timers or using apps to turn on lights, close blinds, and turn on a television gives the impression that normal daily routines are in progress, even though you may be on a beach or climbing a mountain.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras with motion detectors that activate an alarm on your smartphone or other device is a great way to see who is outside when you are not expecting anyone. Devices like Ring or Arlo are now becoming the norm. Installing motion detection security cameras with a loud alarm is also proving a very effective way to deter someone who intends to break in.

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