There is nothing more inviting on a warm summer’s day, than the idea of wading in the cool, crisp water of a swimming pool.  But doing so could be a deadly decision. Since the 1950’s pools have become commonplace in California, dotting the landscape at hotels, country clubs, condos and private backyards. There is a hidden danger that most are not aware of when it comes to the maintaining of a pool; the electrical wiring.  Over time electrical wiring can degrade or become damaged due to a number of causes like water damage, rust, and natural wear and tear.

Electricity and water create a deadly combination. Faulty wiring can lead to severe shock and in many cases electrocution. This hidden killer is not evident to your pool service maintenance company and can only be detected by trained profession with underground wire tracing devices. In the Coachella Valley alone in the past two years, several people have died from electrocution and others have been severely shocked in both private pools and resort or hotel pools.

If you have owned your pool for longer than 10 years, it is wise to seek out the service of a licensed, trained electrical professional to make sure the wiring that controls the light in your pool is properly connected and not naturally degraded. Vintage Electric services client pools throughout the Coachella Valley, including Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Indio. It has not been uncommon to find a potential risk and mitigate the problem before disastrous results occurred.