I was giving some thought to my three adult children and how they might navigate their futures during a time when the world seems to be expanding exponentially. Everyday there is a new breakthrough in science or a technological advancement that could potentially shift the way we do business. Some 300 apps are created daily with an estimate of 700,000 available for you or I to download onto our phones or tablets to make life more convenient, organized and entertaining.

Like the increasing speed of a freefalling object the impact of trying to keep pace with this mounting daily dose of information firing at us from every direction could send even the most resilient into a tailspin.
Modifying how we utilize basic elements that we take for granted will surely solidify and herald in a future that is sustainable, considering our current fascination with the latest and greatest. Anyone remember video rental stores and Walkmans? My point is, lets remember to look at what’s right in front of us.

The power of light to infiltrate space has to be one of the most amazing wonders of the world that I often take for granted. Sunlight can be captured, harnessed, packaged, split, converted and distributed. Without it, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. This wonderful light allows you and I to view the same object from an entirely different perspective or angle.

Think about it. Have you ever taken a walk on a path and gazed at a flower and seen its beauty as light casts reflection on the dew of its petals? You might not be the only one that ever sees that flower but its influence on you, the way sunlight hits it from your perspective will impress you uniquely. Seeing the same object as another in a whole new light.

All this to say that light, in all its fullness and glory is essential to every aspect of our daily lives. And as a society, we are just on the precipice of understanding how to harness sunlight and its energy to create our sustainable future.

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